A workaround to a small problem (running local adjustments to a TIFF file rastered as Lanczos 3 separable)

Exported panorama from Affinity via TIFF and Lanczos 3 separable. In PL, local adjustments will not open resulting in a program crash.
A work around is to open the file in DXO then export again as TIFF this new file will work as intended in local adjustments :slight_smile:

Hello @Kaz,

Could you, please, provide us with some TIFF samples which cause a crash? Please, upload them on upload.dxo.com under your forum name (instead of support ticket number) and let us know when ready?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hi! :slight_smile:
Just one file to send. Its 1.8GB so uploaded to WeTransfer saved link in text doc and uploaded to ‘upload.dxo.com’, under ticket number ‘KAZ’
Kaz :slight_smile:

Thank you. Got it - we’ll investigate.

Svetlana G.