A way to use Nik Collection with Apple Photos

I have installed an older version of Nik Collection (pre-DXO) on an iMac running Monterey. I was told I was not entitled to an upgrade or a discount for the new version (totally understandable) but have a question before I purchase the new version.
(1) Does the new version work with Apple Photos - either as an extension or by using the “Edit WIth” command?
(2) I use Pixelmator Pro to do processing that Apple Photos (and some of the extensions I already have) can’t handle. Does Nik work as a plug-in for that or only for Photoshop/Lightroom?
Thanks for any information

No answer from anyone here or DXO? Thanks

Apple Photos can work with the Nik apps as with other applications. There is no kind of integration to brag about though.

You can always download the free 30 day trial of the current version of the Nik Collection and test it to see if it does what you want from it and how it interacts with AP. Test thoroughly, because the trial period cannot be expanded, best to plan ahead and prepare a few scenarios to test.