A way to prevent DOP files to be created in particular folders


I am using the DOP sidecar files.
But I would like to “protect” some folders and prevent Photolab to create DOP files in particular folder.

I imagine we could put an empty text file “no-dop-files-here-please.txt” in that particular folder to let Photolab know it should not create a DOP in that folder.
The reason is I have a folder for my original RAW and another folder for my edits. I do not want any DOP in my originals. But if by mistake I click on that folder in the photo library, Photolab starts to create DOPs.

What do you think ?


One way to achieve this, Marc, is to turn OFF the setting to “Save settings in sidecar file (.dop) automatically” (See menu Edit/Preferences - General).

The downside of this, tho, is that you’ll then need to remember to request update of sidecar files (See menu File/Sidecars - Export).

Regards, John M

Thank you for your kind input.
That downside is exactly why I suggest a different approach because I would lose the benefits of the automatic software work.
A software should always be serving the user. To be as efficient as possible: complex in the code but simple for the user. An optimized workflow or tool is where everyone saves time to do more what we love.

I theory they can use the selection of indexing as a guide.
1- select main folder and subfolders by checkboxes to rule out all other folders you don’t want DPL to “watch” from indexing and showing up in search.
2 If DPL uses this index criteria as “where am i allowed to place dopfiles when opens the folder” then you rule out unwanted dopfiles in sections where Database isn’t watching.

So in my opinion it shouldn’t be that hard to grant your request.(just a improvement in the database software ) :blush:

If you’re on a Mac, you can easily create a Folder Action that would automatically trash any files with the .dop file extension from any folders it was assigned to.


Thank you for your input.

At the same time, I do not want to create an unnecessary work, especially in the GUI.
I create my folder structure in Finder (mac) and putting a file in there is much faster than selections in a tree for instance.

Thank you for your input.

Yes I am on a Mac.
I could do that eventually (kind of extra work thought).

Well, i am not a programmer so aldoh i think it is not that hard to program, it could be less easy then i think. :grinning:

Can be done in Automator in a couple of minutes, no code required.

If you like I can make a YouTube video showing how.


I know Automator and if this is the way to go I will or find the solution or ask for help.
Thank you.

What I meant is it would be better to prevent the creation of the Dop files instead of deleting them. But it is a workaround (that I am doing manually).

I get that, but the folder action will trash them as soon as they’re created… and sometimes we can’t always get what we want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need. (c;



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