A very positive PhotoLab 6 vs Lightroom article on FStoppers

The author of this article compared Lightroom and PhotoLab 6 Elite on a variety of images from different cameras. He had also previously tested Capture One and there are some comparisons to it in this article as well.

In the summary, the author says among other things,

“…Most of my work only happens in raw development, and image quality is of prime importance. Consequently, DxO PhotoLab 6 is now my top choice…”



Hmm, not sure it’s that well written though. The third paragraph has confused facts in it:

Photolab 6 also includes the excellent Nik Collection. It also has its highly regarded built-in Deep Prime noise reduction.

Yes, if you buy NIK you get a copy of PL but it’s only the Essential version and that version doesn’t give you PRIME.

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Yes I saw that error. It implies something that isn’t true. He does indicate he is new to PhotoLab so he may have gotten confused by the various product purchase choices, especially if that was not part of his main focus for this article.

In the comments someone corrected him and he acknowledged his mistake when he responded with, Sorry, I stand corrected on that. It appeared with the trial I was sent and, stupidly, made an incorrect assumption."


I still don’t think it’s well written or that helpful. For example where he says:

The photos seemed to have more presence… …It was hard to put my finger on why

Does one not need to know why, so that one can better control what you are doing? Otherwise surely you end up guessing and randomly changing settings in an attempt to get the ‘more presence’ you see in one image in a different one?

Also, in contrast to his findings in his brief testing, my several years of experience of PL and skin tones from Canon CR3 RAW files is that they are not always pleasing.

First, I have no intention of defending his review, I was just reporting that it was published online.

Your experience differs from the author. That is not terribly surprising. Users of post-processing software very often have different expectations which is why they may favor one product over another. Your perceptions may differ from others and are probably just as valid. I’m not going to get into that discussion either.

If you put experienced users of Lightroom, Capture One, and PhotoLab In the same room to argue the pros and cons of each, I can only wonder what would be said. :upside_down_face:


I wasn’t referring to any one particular when I made that comment and I did indicate experienced users. I don’t care if anyone disagrees with the article. I only posted it because I thought it would be of interest to the regulars here. I have no plans to support, defend, or criticize the content.


That’s not a room I’d like to be in :grin: