A true catalog

As it is, on the Mac, projects are unusable: try to add photos to a project and then rename the folder containing your photos, you’ll understand what I mean!

To correct this problem:

When a photo is detected as not found, we look if the folder of the photo still exists, if not, we ask the user for the new path of the folder and we go to see for all the not found photos that were in the same folder, if they are present in the new folder indicated by the user, and if yes we update the project.
It’s not too complicated to program and it would be very useful for the users.

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You mean like this

or like this

This is currently available on DxPL(Win) but not as I understand on DxPL(Mac) (for some reason!?)

Only one image must be selected to get the ‘Fix File path’ option but then multiple images can be selected, i.e. DxPL won’t automatically check to see if more than one image can be fixed but the user can select whatever they want.

It’s also available on Mac, but one image at a time. It’s a bit of a pain :wink:

I work in IT and I’m a bit lazy so I hate doing manually what can be automated, especially when automation is so easy.

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You can vote for your proposal @Jakc

I won’t as nowadays I think the majority of DxO users is strictly against databases, catalogs and kind of more modern image management than their folders and additional workaround image browsers. Too modern for most old guys here. So it’s kind of pointless for me to vote to another great suggestion, as DxO is ignoring them on a wide scale. Also, I doubt anyone at DxO would be capable to come up with a good database solution. What they already managed to roll out is so poor that I just have to acknowledge “it’s not their thing to do”. :worried: It’s a bit sad, I had high hopes which then were crushed by reality.