A thread to share HDR Efx Pro 2 presets / templates

I’m striving for "I can’t tell that’s HDR - your camera must have really good DR’ in HDR Efx Pro2. Anybody got a good preset for this?
I looked for a ‘shared presets’ thread, didn’t see one. Maybe it’s this one?

Hi Bob - - Here are a few to get you started;

Note: Windows format.

HEP_presets.zip (8.6 KB)

John M

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I was hoping someone had gone through the trouble of putting together a preset that stacked exposures and did some cool tone mapping so that the result looks like something you’d get out of a MF camera (DR wise).
I knew how to do this, but I’m sure it’ll help someone else.

Bob, the process of “stacking exposures” is not achieved by a preset - - it’s done via the opening process of HDR Efex Pro:

  • Export multiple images to HDR Efex Pro (from PL) and you’ll be presented with a wizard-type process that handles such factors as alignment, ghosting, etc.

I think you may(??) have missed the attachment on my previous post (above) - - the importing instructions are related, but separate.
I doubt you’ll find a single, generic preset that will handle all situations, but the attached examples should provide some ideas to start from.

Regards, John M

I certainly did miss that attachment (blush).

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John-M: I tried to import these presets/recipes into Color Efex Pro 2, but I got an error message “Preset cannot be imported, it is an invalid file format”. I’m using the original Google Nik filters with PL 2, if that matters.

I was able to import them for HDR Efex Pro 2; I see that the first line of every .np file says ‘<HDREfexPro2_preset name="" uiname="">’. Are there other versions of these for the other Nik filters? Or are these only for HDR Efex Pro 2?