A thread just to show off what PhotoLab can do

Today was glorious, so we went out armed with our cameras to find my photo mojo returned. Here are a few B&W images, all processed within half an hour of returning…


Oh, and one more. This one with the Kodak HE™ filtered (High Speed Infrared) preset from FilmPack. Fortunately, the sky was a deep, clear blue, which gives that wonderful deep black when converted.


Great Idea Joanna! Beautiful B&W images. I’ll post some when I get the chance. I’m almost scared to ask but what is that in the 4th photo from the top in your 1st post?

It looks like a discarded piece of leather to me. It’s hard to know what it might be from just looking at especially since we have no idea how big it is. The hole towards the right does make it look a bit like the eye of a sea creature, but I think it’s just a hole.


At first I thought it was a dead seal or walrus or something but on closer inspection I think you’re right. Some discarded leather or rubber of some sort. :laughing:

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Nope, you are both wrong :blush:

It’s a piece of weathered seaweed, more than likely Kelp. Here’s the colour version…


I think the black and white version is definitely more interesting without the distraction of color. It is far easier to see the complex textures and shading.


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Agreed. It’s obviously just not as easy to tell the difference with such material out of context :wink:

What PhotoLab can do?
Or what I can do with PhotoLab?



Well, this thread was a jab in the ribs for me. I’m fairly new to PhotoLab (still using v3) and there are some frustrations that are too in-my-face for me to look on the bright side - stuff like fighting with little black wedges when cropping, warmth sliders that jump in like 150 K increments no matter how careful you are, Kelvin value fields that jump a place when you click in them, unsmooth scrolling, control points that don’t select clearly … But you have me looking at the last couple of day’s work with new eyes and thinking instead of what I did manage to achieve with some of the more difficult shots. Here are some shots before and after PhotoLab:-

The beach calligraphy depends very much on shadow and this one was taken at sunset with shade on the work but there was some diffuse light from that wildfire smoke to work with and I managed to get it to look as glorious as it felt there on the beach at the time:

The PhotoLab presets are mostly too garish for me but sometimes they provide a good starting point. In this case, taken well after sunset, I started with Old Film in the Atmospheres section. Until then, all my attempts to rescue the image had failed.

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“Ask not what PhotoLab can do [for] you - ask what can you do with PhotoLab”
(With apologies to JFK)

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I am still surprised about what DeepPrime and lens modules can do.
Shot with a Nikon D7500, ISO 3200 underexposed by about 2 stops, before DPL I would have thrown it in the recycle bin


Hi @Gianpaolo64
very good photo. Is it possible to see also the photo with nor correction or only DXO Standard


Hi @Guenterm,
Here is the same picture exported by Nikon Studio NX only with +2 Ev exposure correction

Here are the two pics side by side at 100% zoom

before using DPL I never used more than ISO 1600 for this kind of pictures, I had Auto Iso limited to 3200 and I didn’t notice it was so dark that I was underexposing heavily


Great…thank’s a lot and always good light or high ISO :innocent:

Great shot! Also good to see how it deals with fine detail. I’m wondering how it would deal with sand. PL 3 seems to kind of confuse sand with noise.

If you looked and rated at my birdshots my recyclebin was stuffed beyond limits i am afriad…:grimacing:

Just right DoF in this one and nailed the AFPoint.

But even for my skills DxOPL v4 does a great job…:grin:


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This was a challenge from a photography website to do something original with this foam head sculpture.

Original image

I decided to make the head much more life like. I removed the seam from the top of the head, played with the skin tones, softened skin textures, gave him pupils, emphasized the brows, and played with lighting effects. I tried to make the background a more velvety black. All edits were done in PhotoLab 4 with most of them using control points. The skin tones were mostly modified using the HSL color wheel.

PhotoLab 4 is capable of doing things that might surprise most people. It a question of understanding how to get the best from each tool.

Edited in PL 4

Mark .


Very impressive work

Thanks. Once I decided on the direction I wanted to take the image, the actual work only took around 15 to 20 minutes.