A small problem with nomenclature

When choosing to “remove” an image from a processing queue DXO/ PhotoLab then comes back and asks “Do you wish to delete this image”.
I have a small problem with this in that “remove” and “delete” are not the same thing, therefore I think the best solution to this inconsistency is to allow for both options. In other words allow the user to choose whether he wishes to send the file to the recycle bin or merely have the image filtered out of the processing queue.

Hello Andrew (@MonUncle),
You are right, we have 2 different words for the same procedure - sending the image to the recycle bin.
As the first step we can fix this discrepancy and about your second suggestion, it requires more time and work. We’ll see if it can be done.

Thank you,

Svetlana G.

The current solution, removing the image to be processed, is correct.
If a word needs to be corrected, it seems not appropriate to change the behavior.


Hi Svetlana,
I currently employ a work-around in order to prevent the possibility of unintended deletion of original image files.
I copy all the image files I intend to process from a storage HD to a temporary folder on my C: drive. I can therefore delete whatever I like at any point in the process.
The problem here is that If I wish to keep a record of the changes I have made in the processing chain I then have to paste the sidecar files back to the original folder.
To my way of thinking it would be an improvement if this procedure could be streamlined.

Hello Andrew,

Actually, your images are always sent to the recycle bin when you remove them, so you can restore them if there is a need. As for removing the images from a processing batch but leaving them in the folder - there is no such functionality. But I can suggest an easy way for you to remove the image from processing if you suddenly change your mind and decided not to process this or that image. Just use tags (pick, reject…) like this:


In this case the image will just be excluded from the processing batch.
I hope I could help.

Svetlana G.


Hello Svetlana,
I hope your email system off-line problem has now been fixed and yes what you are saying does look like the best way of dealing with this going forward.
I’m probably just a bit too used to using an earlier version of Lightroom where you are allowed an option to delete or just remove a file directly from the processing queue.
Thanks for that.

You are welcome!