A quick way to remove corrections

Hi all,
I upgraded today from PL5 to PL7. Is there a quick way to remove the auto-correction PL adds to photos instead of going to the preset menu and clicking the ‘No correction’ preset? or maybe a shortcut (like in LR)?
It is quite cumbersome to go through the menus just to remove presets.

Go to the Preferences dialog and set the default preset to No Corrections

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Thanks @Joanna , yes I am aware of this settings, however, my issue is about photos that have already been corrected. I do like the way DXO auto corrects photos in general but sometimes its just too much or looks fake so a quick shortcut like ‘command+r’ in LR will be great rather than going through preset menus.

My default preset has lens correction and camera profile/colour settings that I prefer as a starting point. If I find an individual photo starting point is not to my liking it is easy to change the colour settings (or any other seeing that my default preset uses). I also use the rest button at the top next to the Preset button to reset to the default preset of I want to start again.

Use the :star: tab to see what has been changed in your photo and you can then choose to turn items off. Just be aware that any item you turn off disappears from the :star: tab!

I also created a default preset in PL5 but it didn’t migrate to PL7 I assume and now I am stuck with my entire library auto corrected the wrong way!

In macOS you can create a custom application shortcut which calls for what ever preset you like.
For example the No correction preset.


Is your question about something like a history with option to select an entry? In Customize > Paletts > Advanced History you can find this feature. Maybe this is what you are looking for.