A question of TIFF export file resolution

I have a NEF file that i worked with and wanted to export it to Photoshop as a TIFF. All seemed to go well except the file changed resolution, The original was at 3008x2000 pixels at 300 DPI. When I did an export to Photoshop it shows as 3008x2000 but only at 72 DPI. If I save the file to disk as a TIFF and then open it in Photoshop it’s at the desired 300 DPI.

Did I miss a step along the way? Any other suggestions?

I assume you meant ppi, not dpi. Are you saying when you exported the NEF file to TIFF the export dialog box indicated you were exporting it at 300 ppi but that the file was actually exported at 72 ppi? Or did the dialog box indicate 72 ppi and you did not change it before exporting?


The dpi settings are part of a printer dialog, it’s not a property of the image.
Have a look in the tiff file on disk is what written there.

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