A possibility to switch off key feature highlighting

PhotoLab version 4.3 introduces a feature that does absolutely nothing to improve the application per se. Imo, highlighting a key feature is okay in a splash screen or as an additional palette or workplace variant, but not as something that further disturbs the GUI.

I propose to add a possibility to switch off the highlights.

  • e.g. in DPL’s settings
  • e.g. in the View menu

Help>Hide Feature Highlights

Oops, thanks, it works! What eerie place to put this switch, I had checked the menu - except for the Help!

Should we propose to move all settings and switches to the Help menu? :shushing_face:


I’m curious: why didn’t you just clicked on the “Don’t show this again” button directly? :thinking:
Each highlight has this button at the bottom of the overlay. As soon as the first overlay shows up, just click on the button and the whole feature is deactivated! It couldn’t be simplet than that…


Simple: I saw the highlights and searched for a way to switch them off.

  • I looked for possibilities in the obvious places like the settings and the view menu.
  • I was not prepared for hide-and-seek.


While in general I like the idea to get a quick overview, there is to much of ad and to little of (real) information. :thinking:


I see what you mean, but we should not mix orange with apples… There are “feature highlights” and “tips”. Those in PL are highlights of some unique features a user can get access to, using PhotoLab. Tips are different and are not part of this new release.

well, if targeted to brandnew users resp. on a trial version, they might be happy to see some prominent guideline or even more colourful marketing material when following Learn more, otherwise …

This is exactly what a “highlight” is made for :wink: