A photograph of a large flock of pigeons suddenly getting agitated, and taking off together

I hope this works as I expect.

Two days ago I was walking home from Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. I came upon a raised area, and one of the city workers had tossed some kind of bird food out in front of her. A gallon pigeons gathered, as I lifted up my Nikon D780 with a totally inappropriate lens, my Sigma 14mm. Every few minutes something scared the pigeons, and they all took off in different directions, only to return a few seconds later. This happened again, over and over. The 14mm lens was the only lens I had with me, as I expected to take a very different photo, then return home.

This is my photo having tried all sorts of PhotoLab tools to make it look like what I wanted. I never got what I expected, but I was fascinated by what I did get, especially so when I zoomed into the photo. The scene was as peaceful as it looked - not!! I had a lot of fun with all the PhotoLab editing tools.

Here’s the finished image:

Here’s the original file:

780_5920 | 2024-07-03.nef (31.0 MB)

Comments, complaints, and lists of mistakes are expected - I wish I had a more appropriate lens with me. Need to remember this for the future.

For the best effect, it needs to be viewed in a very large size - the bigger, the better, so each pigeon shows up in detail.