A lot of new issues with PL5

Hi all,

I am disapointed about the quality level of this new release on a Mac Mini M1. Basic feature do not work properly :

  • While deleting a file, it remains visible in PL5 (file icon) until you change folders
  • I got a bug with “Horizon”, one one picture the rotation was about double the need
  • when loading a folder for the first time I got the message Empty folder - many times. I had to change to an other folder and come back to get the files
  • When exporting JPG in the same folder, the files do not appears until I change foilder

It could be good to do beta test before releasing a new version…

I don’t have that problem running Catalina on a non M1 MBP

Is this different from a non-M1 computer? Are you using the tool palette or the interactive tool on the image?

This is beginning to sound like an M1 problem

Is this on an internal disk or external?

1- This is a new bug, it was working fine on PL3 on my M1. I have the latest MacOS realease : 11.6
2- I don’t know, I have only M1. I am using the “Horizon” icon on the top of the picture.
3- Loading folder is made throught an external SSD, very fast. In fact it is working but it is sometimes very slow to display. It is also on new issue compare to PL3
4- External SSD in USB3.