A little warning please!


I just started with Photolab since I have a new body that LR6 refuses to read the raw files from. After doing a some edits I found out about pallets and created some of my own, I couldn’t fit all I needed in one so I had a few (I like to have them all open without scrolling)

Today, I was looking around before starting a new project and wondered what the advanced workspace was. Once I found out I went to go back to my pallets but they were gone! There was no warning that I hd modified the workspace and that pallets would be deleted. I thought just things moved around and I’d have to reset the look at most. It’s not the end of the world but it might be about 20 minutes of work that I’m not looking forward to again.

It would be nice to have a warning to save the workspace and even that without a save, that pallets could be removed.


Edited post:
I just read that you already know the solution. (had said you need to do what you already did before) :slight_smile:

Create a feature request and vote for it. I lost my first palettes too.

The pallets weren’t deleted…they were not saved (splitting hairs here, I know)…
DPL’s menu also has an item to create a new workspace with the current settings.

For new users, I recommend to create a new workspace with every change until the optimal workspace is created. This helps to fall back and branch off more easily.

Please note that custom workspaces don’t automatically integrate new tools that can appear in new versions of DPL.


I think you gave me that same advice, and I now have a long collection of 20 “workspaces” from the past, going back to 2021 and earlier. Some of them were workspaces others in this forum sent me to try out - but back then, I didn’t really understand “workspaces”.

Anything I did back then was a waste, as I had no “feel” for what I was doing, or why. I just saved my current workspace as “Mike February 2024”. It’s been so long, I don’t remember all the changes I might have made. One of these days I want to re-organize things, with the tools I use the most closer to the top.