A focus and contrast indicator. warningview

As discussed here
This kind of “blinky” you can fined in a camera called focus peaking.
It reveals the focal plane, where it is and which objects are in it.
In the FRV there is a focus indicator color (red) and a edge contrast indicator (green)

This can be very useful in burstshooting and focusbracketing to find useful images and delete the bad useless one’s.
Like i earlier posted, it can be a step up for tools like stitching panorama, bracketing hires. images.
But as starting just a viewer for what’s in focus wuld be fine.


Thank you for the suggestion. Please, do not spend your votes on that as I’ve got good news for you - it’s already in the backlog :wink:

So, I’m closing this request.

Svetlana G.