A few suggestions

  1. It would be very nice (at least for old eyes) if the noise reduction window had an option to display at 2x in addition to the current 1x magnification.

  2. It may be that I don’t quite get the logic, but it somewhat confuses me when a square filled with white in some places indicates “selected” and other places “deselected” (where when selected a check mark is added).

  3. I think it would help if “Undo” and “Redo” would indicate what action was undone/redone.

Many thanks for truly great software.

Hello @relic,
Welcome aboard :slight_smile:
About this one:

I’m not sure I get it correctly. Could you, please, attach a screenshot with the example of "other places “deselected”

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Many thanks, Svetlana, for your quick response. Here are the examples that I ran across:

In GEOMETRY menu, “Distortion” is dark when deselected and white when selected, but “Keep aspect ratio” is white when deselected and white with check mark when selected.

In DETAIL menu, “Chromatic aberration” is dark when deselected, white when selected, but “Lateral chromatic aberration” and “Purple fringing” are white = deslected & white with check mark = selected.

In DXO VIEWPOINT menu, “Miniature effect” dark = deselected, white = selected, but “Symmetric position” white = deselected, white+check mark = selected.

“Export to disk” : all items have white = deselected, white+check mark = selected.

I hope this makes clear what I meant to say.

Thank you again.

Okay, got it. You described different controls.

Thank you for the feedback.
Svetlana G.

I understand your request but, in fact, you’re the first user who’s in trouble with this (modern) interface that is in place since 6 years.


Thank you, Pascal, for your comment. I just find it in this case unnecessary to have a white box mean either “selected” or “deselected” depending on the context. So that was simply a suggestion (as were my other two points). I didn’t mean to imply that I thought it was an error or a bug. I submitted my suggestions in response to the request for feedback.


I neglected to say in my reply that the interface of PL is superb: clear, clean, logical, and very easy to use with nothing hidden from the user.