A few suggestions

I love Nik Collection. I really hope it to improve and evolve.

DxO, please understand there are a lot of fans out there waiting You to make more efforts.

A few suggestions

> Number 1
Add ON/OFF toggle to each function or parameter.

Take one example, in “Viveza” under “Global” and “Level and Curves”, there is no way to
preview the “before and after effect” of that specific adjustment ALONE.

> Number 2
In “Output Sharpener”, when I add a Control Point, the parameters (Structure, Local Contast etc )
can ONLY be adjusted via the sliders on top of the image.

Please re-write the interface, so the parameters are shown under each Control Point
in the right-hand menu, this change allows numeric input, and brings faster edit.

The Control Point Adjustment implementation in “Viveza” is also OK, “Output Sharpener” should be at least working like that.

> Number 3
Allow us to Name the Control Point, to Select a color for the Appearance/Icon of EACH Control Point,
right now it has 3 colors of grey, but sometimes it is still hard to see.

> Number 4
in “Viveza” under “Level and Curves”, please add “Luminosity” to the mode.
So allows adjusting the brightness without affecting the color/saturation.

> Number 5
Add batch processing to all plugins.

I know Control Point is location specific. But sometimes we ONLY make
global adjustment without any control point.

Please give us more freedom and choices, let us to make the decision.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, I purchased Nik in the hope that it would evolve. It has not of course and I now use it very rarely. Waste of cash? Hope not.

Big shame about Nik. I’m still waiting for the high definition monitor problem to be sorted so I can use it in Photoshop.

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so what plugins do you use now?

True! The high-definition support should also be on top priority!

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None really, now Lr supports LUTs and along with the presets and Ps I can get most stuff done within Adobe. If I do feel the need there is always Topaz.