A few quirks of Nik 3.3.0 on macOS Big Sur

Today, I installed Nik v3.3.0 on Big Sur and noticed the following oddities:

  • The installer does not recognize Affinity Photo v1.8.6

  • The installer splash screen has a few things that could be corrected (splitting hairs)

    1 “Wir danken…installiert haben” - technically, Nik has not been installed yet (unless there was a previous install, which was not the case in this test) better not use “installiert”
    2 “Der Installationsassistent sucht automatisch den richtigen Hostspeicherplatz für die Installation der in diesem Paket enthaltenen Plug-Ins” -> “Die in diesem Paket enthaltenen Plug-Ins werden automatisch im richtigen Verzeichnis/Ordner installiert” (Verzeichnis/Ordner for Win/Mac respectively)

  • SW license page / checkbox for info exchange

    The current practice of sending usage statistics or not is not user friendly: If the box is not checked, the apps still ask to allow the exchange. This (and corresponding answers) has been posted already.


  • accept exchange during installation and then decline in one of the Nik apps.
    This has unchecked the allow boxes in all apps (at least under the conditions of this test)