A few PL3 issues found so far, macOS version

First, running macOS Catalina and some minor items I found in PLv2.x in Catalina Beta seem to have been resolved.

First issue:
Slider adjustments cannot be set “zeroed” once changed without manually entering zero. The exception is the HSL tool.

Second issue:
Presets from PL2.x are not being properly translated into PL3. Many settings in Selective Tone, Lens Sharpness, are being bumped by one or minus one depending on the particular setting. However, some settings within a group are not changed.

Third issue:
This one is fairly significant depending on image. Presets for HSL from PL v2.x are not being properly translated into PL V3. Examples:
PL v2.x Yellow Luminance set to -8
PL3. Yellow changed to Luminance set to -7 and Saturation changed to -8

PL v2.x Blue Luminance set to -8
PL v3. Blue Luminance set to -7 and Saturation also changed from 0 to -8

Red saturation set to -5 was unchanged

In some cases the preset alteration is subtle but in others it is quite obvious.

Has anyone else seen these issues?

One cosmetic issue:
In the preset editor window, the selected preset is difficult to read as it is white text on a light gray background. Note: the Mac is set to Dark Mode.

Suggestions, FWIW:
The addition of keywords and editing is a nice touch, but my thought would be that it should be part of the Library mode as well.

I had mentioned this sometime back, in the “Export to Application”, please add the option to change the text appended to file name like other export functions. It is somewhat laborious to continually change or delete the “open_with” text.


I often miss this even in PhotoLab 2. Many tools don’t have a reset.

On the Win version you can double-click on any slider (the actual slider-control itself) and it will reset to its default value. Does it not work that way for the Mac version too ?

John M

It works the same in MacOS: Double clicking a slider returns to the default value 0, 50, auto, whatever it is. Even in White Balance where the default is the camera setting.


This is normal.
The old values to PL2 are “translated” to PL3 for the same corrections.
Like this you can see engine power increase.



We’ll try to fix first issue from you list.
About the others can confirm it’s expected behavior.