A few bugs and UI issues/ feedback

Hi PL,
There as still some UI issues with PL that affect the workflow useability.

  1. 5 star ratings from LR (or other apps) are shown in yellow and cannot be changed to PL grey style.
  2. Info overlay still doesn’t work.
  3. Will be great if the ‘preset’ window will float rather than stick to the top right as well as allowing larger preview tiles (or much better if it was implemented like Exposure X5).
  4. Preset editor internal window scroll is somewhat annoying. Can you make the entire left panel scroll when lists become long? (same as LR and many other apps).
    Please see screenshots.

Hi Micha,

By that, do you mean this; image ??
If so then I agree that this is somewhat confusing - because all that does is display (rather pointless) information intended to explain the status of certain windows/screens - such as this: image

To actually see information about an image, you need to press Ctrl+I … for Image Properties.

John M

Thanks John,
on the Mac the shortcut is ‘I’ and shows ‘Correction preview’ which is meaningless as you mentioned. When pressing Ctrl or Command or any key with the letter ‘I’ nothing happens.
Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 3.48.07 pm

Ah, OK - another Mac versus Win difference.

On the Win version, there an option in the main Help menu to list all Shortcuts; the shortcut for Image Properties is listed there … Perhaps there’s a similar menu option on the Mac version (??)