7.2 will not install - or does it?

Running 7.1 with Win 10, I get the notification that 7.2 is available.

I downloaded it and installed it. Everything fine so far.

However, when I open it it says 7.1 and that 7.2 is available.

Looking at the PL7 exe file, it registers as 7.1 and is dated November.

I accepted the default file locations and there is no location for 7.2 - as expected.

I repeated the download - same result.

However, other files and data hint at 7.2 so, something happened.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Maybe you downloaded PhotoLab7_Setup.exe to the same directory as previous version,
so Windows saved it as “PhotoLab7_Setup (1).exe”, and then you executed the old exe?
Unfortunately DxO does not include full version in its setup filename.

During download, I changed the file name to 7_2 to reflect the version number.

This same file installed properly on my other computer

@Allan How do your code file sizes compare

with properties as follows

and PL7.2 installed fine on my Win 10 System!?

The properties box shows 7.2 and it installs as 7.2 on my other computer

On the first computer, although the install process completes without error, the photolab.exe file still shows 7.1. However, other files in the same folder reflect the December date. So, something did install.

It is probably related to a Win 10 update