64 bit NIK excludes many users

I’ve been using Photo Shop Elements 9 (it’s 32 bit) for several years and the Google version of Nik is compatible. The DxO version of Nik is 64 bit rendering my PSE 9 useless as a plugin host. The solution is spend money upgrading PSE or investing in another 64 bit editor.

I don’t have the marketing data, but I’m confident I’m not the only Nik user facing this problem. Would it be a problem to offer both 32 and 64 bit versions of Nik? There might be a few more buyers.

Thank you for the report. We stop support the 32 bit architecture because of

  1. Better image processing, more performance and more efficient for new image features in the next versions.
  2. There are very few users who are using the recent 32bit operation systems (Windows 10, Mac OS 10.13) and only under 2% Nik Collection Users who are using the 32bit architecture.


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Thank you for the explanation. Now I have to decide to hang on to my aging 32 bit architecture or invest for the future. Change is so difficult!

There is no reason to upgrade a system if it does everything you want.

Restoring to 32bit apps needs a backup or installer though. If you don’t have one of these, the way points towards a major upgrade. It’s always a good idea to keep installers as long as you might need them - or until you have to make space on your disk for other things…


Thanks for the reminder. I’ve always kept installers; one in a separate folder, another on a USB stick. But, it doesn’t hurt to remind newbie and experienced users to tuck away a copy or two of the installers, just in case.