6.3.1 what's the new feature "It’s now possible to see the whole image without constraint when using the crop tool"

In the changelog there is a new feature called “It’s now possible to see the whole image without constraint when using the crop tool”.
What is it and how can I use it?

I briefly describe the workflow here.
Last part of article.


… some ‘examples’
Major glitch in DxO PL 6.3.0 - #6 by Wolfgang
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The photo must be taken with a wide(or better, a fisheye) lens in order for you to see much difference. Here is an example shot with a fisheye:

1.) Without Constrain to image.

2.) with shadow warning activated to better see the extra space included.

3.) With Constrain to image activated.

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Thank you. I think with my RF 24-105/4 the clicking of “constrain to window” works: small black corners appear, but with the RF 15-30mm nothing happens, maybe the profile is too aggresive?

Zoom lenses have a sweet spot focal length that exhibits no distortion. If there is no distortion, distortion correction has nothing to correct and therefore, there will be no black areas.


There is no distortion, if the example lens is set to a focal length of about 30mm…


Thanks, but it’s exactly the opposite: the 24-105 shows it, but the 15-30 not.

Here the top right corner of the RF 24-105/4 at 105mm:
here the top right corner of the RF 15-30/4.5-6,3 at 15mm:
you see: no black corner.

The distortionless FL is different in every lens model. As you can see in the diagram I attached, distortion exists at a FL of 105mm. I did not check your other lens though and you might have just used it with the FL that causes an undistorted image. :man_shrugging:

I think distortionwise it’s my worst one. If I deactivate the correction you see it:

But why has the checkbox no function if the lens-profile is on?

The box is unchecked…and the third screenshot shows something that looks like vignetting/falloff rather than distortion: Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8 USM L IS - Review / Test Report - Analysis