5 days waiting approval on two comments

So . . . just curious about how long it takes for a comment to get approved?

Is five days about normal, or is that just for critical comments? Or, is there something about me?

. . . wondering if it’s worth commenting at all . . .


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Sorry for the delay, approval was done

@ejdalise, welcome to the forum.

New forum members step through a series of promotions that depend on things like e.g. how many posts you’ve read, likes you gave, likes you’ve received. In the beginning, posts will be monitored. Later on, you’ll be able to post without review.

@platypus . . . a merit system, eh? It’s going to make it a bit difficult to remain engaged as I’m not big on “liking” comments. If they strike a chord, I comment in reply (whether I like them or not).

I’m a proponent of “read” as opposed to “like” because rating something as “like” is too broad.

But, thanks for the explanation.


No problem. They were my first comments and it seemed like a long time relative to other forums I participate in.

Thanks, ejd