5.2 What on earth to do with Metadata Conflict Resolution

5.2 is out and I am confused as to what Metadata Conflict Resolution is meant to do and what to do with it. All the advice has been if you do not use PL as a DAM to avoid problems and do not use it as well as your DAM. I use Photo Supreme 5 and find a batch of image’s all processed through that one as a symbol that asked me if DxO PL should read from the metadata or overwrite it from the PL data base. Now this is confusing I have told PL not to do anything as a DAM, but one image out of over 20 all the relevant DAM information, keywords, location etc are showing on this as all the others)has this comes up. What do I do with it as I do not what PL with all the reported DAM problems messing things up.

Even more confusing is I just rembered I deleted the database after processing these imiges?

Run tests, allowed it to copy to database AND when you delete the database it doesn’t come back asking so must just happily re copying the data all over again. If this is what its doing can we have some way of turning it off as being totally unneeded unless you keep the data base and use PL’s DAM.

@John7 I am confused by your post and do not fully understand what has gone wrong! While some concerns over PL5 metadata handling are justified it is not really the ogre that is made out to be (partly by me when investigating users losing ‘Ratings’ etc.

Most of those problems come down to the “simple” fact that PL5 does not use PL5 DOP files as the source of any metadata for the [M]aster “copy” (generally the only copy) whereas prior to PL5 ‘Ratings’ and ‘Rotation’ where stored in the DOP and PL4 would “happily” read them from the DOP! Unfortunately none of this was really explained by DxO and problems ensued.

The other complaint is that PL5 applies certain rules to the keywords and users want exactly what their trusty DAM has put into the image (or the xmp sidecar file) to be rigorously protected!

With the ‘Preferences’ ‘Always Sync’ left unset there should be no automatic transfer of metadata between PL5 and the image file after the initial discovery unless the user uses the explicit ‘File’ ‘Metadata’ ‘Read from…’ or ‘Write to …’ commands.

However, in the meantime the metadata in the external image file might change and pre 5.2.0 there was no way of knowing if this had happened! With 5.2.0 any such change will be automatically detected by PL5 and the ‘S’ icon displayed. Clicking on the icon gives the option to write the PL5 metadata to the image or read the metadata from the image.

If all your work is being undertaken in the DAM (Photo Supreme) then at best “all” you want to do is copy from the image in the event that there have been any changes so that the data in PL5 is up to date before exporting!?

I have given an example using Photo Supreme Light below in the hope that is might make the process a little less opaque! I “imported” the images into PL5 with no ‘Rating’ assigned and assigned a ‘Rating’ to the first photo in PS and that was detected by PL5 and the ‘S’ icon set on the thumbnail.

In the meantime can you please provide step by step details of what you did and what you thought went wrong! I might be able to reproduce the situation on my machine!

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Thanks, from what you say all I need do is leave things as they are and if the option pops up copy to PL. What confused me way nat being clear as to what it was for and having just one imige having the option there out of a lot equally treated.

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