5.2.1 NIK update does not work with new photoshop

I tried uninstalling - using the nik clean up tool. when I try to reload nik it cannot find photoshop - only lightroom. anyone else have this problem?

What OS, what PL version?

Windows 11 Pro 22622.436

I don’t use PL - this is about PS (version 24.0)

Intel Core i9-9900 CPU @ 3.10GHz 32 GB ram

Long Story Short. I unloaded NIK, ran the remove NIK tool, unloaded PS… then reloaded everything and it works. Holy Guacamole. Happy to have it back as I use the perspective tool quite a bit.

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Sometimes that’s all it takes to fix an ongoing problem. Unfortunately some people are unwilling to spend much time doing that, especially since the effort may not resolve an issue. In my experience, though, it can often help resolve one off issues that or not impacting the general user community.


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