4k promise broken by DXO

upgraded with assurance that 4k was being worked on guess it was a lie. Wasted my money, my old nik version worked just exactly the same. Disappointed!

Totally agree. This kind of basic usability fix (working interface for 4K monitors, hardware acceleration for high DPI graphics) should be prioritised by DxO as it makes the software unusable for customers working on contemporary hardware.


Well it’s not a lie, but a paid upgrade instead.

I too was told A YEAR AGO that high DPI would supported. Well it never was. So I CAN upgrade to the latest version for a discount, BUT Affinity products are no longer supported. I see no reason to upgrade at this point since I also have PhotoLab 2.

Are you sure ?
Try it :wink:

I did try it. Latest Affinity Photo Mac 1.7.0. The Nik Plugins 2.0 installer does not see it as a valid application for installation. Also checked the serif site. The official answer is “check with DXO”. So I am going with no, it does not work.

I digress some. My high DPI issue was under Windows 10, not Mac. DXO makes no mention of 2.0 working with Affinity. Checked the FAQs, nada.

I just installed the latest Affinity update for Mac - 1.7 and Nik works. The colors in Vivzea are not perfect yet in the plugin but this issue is known



I agree. I run a lot of software from many vendors and Nik is the only product without 4k support. Inexcusable in my opinion.

Inexcusable ?
Really ?
Maybe we need more patience here. Everybody complains but who works ?
Of course I paid and was expecting 4k support for all plugins, well one day it will be here and we will have plenty of time to sort things out or complain about new things.

I have been in a long email discussion with DXO where they claim that they did not assure us that 4k support would be forthcoming, but they did on multiple occasions in the this forum. Now we can have what they promised for nearly what it cost us to buy there initial release. Promises made promises not kept. I promise I will no longer trust DXO.

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by 4 k support? I have a 4 k dell monitor and the resolution in the PL app seems to be sharp. Does it not display in 4k?

I do not get on this forum very often as I’m very disappointed the 4K thing is that the text in the boxes is tiny only 4K monitor yes it does show up but it is very difficult at times to read

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Just a general question.
What would make DXO 4K ready? Except for a magnification of 2.