4K monitor compatable

Having used Nik software for years and under different ownership I am pleased to re-invest in new subscriptions. One big issue however, When used on a pc monitor with 4k res. The tool box is so small and it is unusable I am using a 17” laptop screen 4k. And a 32” monitor 4K. Hopefully in the near future this can be fixed. The interface of the individual tools is fine. Just the tool box in Photoshop any ver. no.

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Hello @TonyH,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, the support of 4K monitor is one of our main tasks.

Svetlana G.

When you say this is a main task to fix, how long does a main task take to fix? This issue makes the software pretty much unusable on a 4k screen.

How much longer can we expect the software to be unusable?

Hello @stevegos,

Thank you for reminding. But to tell you the truth, it’s not a simple bugfix but a story. Let’s ask @Benoit to reply about the time of releasing.

Svetlana G.

Sorry, but it’s too soon to give a release date about this.
I can just confirm that this topic is on the top of our list.

If this is on the top, I feel sorry for anything that’s on the bottom!