4.1.1 preset images cropped in Silver Efex and Viveza

Hello, first post here and I’m a bit baffled after using the original Nik Suite for so many years. In 4.1.1 when I open a square image (1:1) in Silver Efex Pro 3 or Viveza the preset images are all cropped to a rectangle. On the other hand in Analog Efex or HDR Efex the presets display properly as a square image. Have I missed something or is this a bug?

Yes, with square crops it seems to be a bug.

Interestingly, (extreme) landscape or portrait crops are handled better.

Thanks for confirming this, I don’t suppose my question to Support will have a solution then until they write some code. It’s not that I use the presets much and know from long experience what they look like, but all the same it’s often good to just scan down the list looking for possible inspiration.

Support got back to me on this issue of cropped previews and they are aware of it and working on fixes, but of course it wasn’t broken in previous versions. I’m rapidly beginning to think 4.1.1 isn’t fit to be sold to the public, we are all Beta testers.

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