4.1.1 Exported Files side by side with RAW in PhotoLab are different

Since the upgrade, I now find RAW file looks different than the exported files while simultaneously being viewed on the same monitor. The printed copy looks like the Export file on the same monitor too. Anyone one else have this issue?

Monitor has been calibrated. Though if that was the issue both the exported and the RAW in the lab would still look the same.

Same for me. Never had this issue with PL1, 2 or 3, but in 4 sometimes the brightness is quite off.

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Good morning @tlzimmer and @juerg,

1 - Have you done your comparison with 100% zoom ? As if it’s less than 75% the difference is expected in some cases.
2 - What output formats have this issue: JPG, TIFF or DNG?
3 - If it’s jpg or tiff with 100% zoom and you still have this difference, could you, please provide us with some test RAW images + sidecars and their outputs for the investigation (please, upload them to upload.dxo.com with your forum name in the “support ticket number” field).

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

On the Export dialogue; do you have the ICC profile set to sRGB (or a profile specific to your monitor) ?

John M

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Yes, the monitor is set to sRGB.

Specifically, I mean in this dialogue …


John M

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Well, I was super excited at this, John-M. I went and created two jpgs. One with the ICC at sRGB and one with Original. Both look the same on monitor, and they are not the same when compared to the working raw photo. Thanks for the idea. Wish that would have been it.