3 still doesn't have A ratio cropping

After years of asking DxO has shown they can make changes to the cropping ratio’s, but after adding 16/10 for displays and 8.5/11 have refused to add the European A ratio. WHY?

In fact 5/7 is the ISO ratio … but DxO don’t want to name it “ISO A”.


I am pleased to be wrong; the ratio I was told by DxO support a number of times to use was 70/99, 5/7 would have been much esier to use.

70/99 or 7/10.
The term 5/7 is the opposite (Vertical / Horizontal) of others :frowning:
I know it’s confusing.

Check here for correct values: https://www.din-formate.de/tabelle-papierformate-seitengroesse-din-a-masse-umrechnungstabelle-in-inch-zoll-fuss-ft-yard-yd-millimeter-mm.html

You can then enter the values and DPL will do as you want:

Downside is that you have to enter again and again - or create a partial preset for it.
Please note that the ratio changes a little from size to size, because the DIN A formats revolve around the square root of 2.
Crop A4 (297-210).preset (585 Bytes)