3.2 Unsupported camera+lens combination works with DeepPrime XD?

I thought that any camera and lens combination must be supported by DxO otherwise the PureRAW won’t work. I was surprised that my Sony A7C + Samyang AF 135 F1.8 worked fine despite it isn’t supported combination on the web site: DxO Supported Cameras & Lenses Is the database outdated?

This is the answer for PhotoLab. It would be the same for PureRAW.

There are no DxO optics modules for any of my camera/lens combinations. Can I use DxO PhotoLab? – Help center

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The supported gear database can, at times, show differences to what we get from the app.

For noise reduction DeepPRIME XD it is sufficient, if the cameras is supported. Here is equivalent the FAQ for DxO PureRAW to the link Egregius mentioned above: