25th Anniversary update to Nik update or...?

DPReview announced the 25th Anniversary update to Nik. I don’t get a tickler in PL4, and my account info says I’m up to date. I haven’t downloaded anything since the PL4 release.

Soooo… do I buy the update or wait for a “click here to d/l” message?

Wait… DxO will certainly make the new stuff available in due time.

I can’t recall where I heard the phrase, but…
“I shall possess myself in patience”. :slight_smile:

Yesterday when I started Color Efex Pro I got the update notice. The update was the 25th Anniversary update (version 3.3.0) and it has new Recipes for Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro. There was no cost.

I just started Color Efex Pro in the Nik Collection version 3 from within PhotoLab 4 and I did not get the update notice.


Thanks. Exactly what happened here.

FWIW, the file name is the same as the installation file for the previous version. It’s possible to change the new file name to avoid overwriting the earlier edition (if backing out the 3.3.0 version is needed). When the “save file” window appears, type something inside the suggested file name.

If the entire file name vanishes by mistake, CTL-Z will restore it.

Mark, I started Color Efex Pro from Affinity Photo. I am running Windows if that would make a difference.

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I also have Affinity. I will give it a shot and see if that makes a difference.


I’ve just launched Viveza directly from a Windows shortcut and it immediately brought up a splash screen notifying that 3.3.0 was available for download.

Did it yesterday from Affinity and got the update screen.

I have never sent an image to the Nik Collection 3 from within Affinity Photo. Could you tell me the best way to do that?


You’ll need to create a folder name Nik by DxO (easy to remember), then install Nik Collection (yes again for the following) and during installation where it ask for plugin folder, click the + in the bottom of the installer and go select your folder you created earlier “Nik by DxO. Then finish the installation.

Now within AP, you’ll have to open the preference panel and to the plugin section, that’s where you’ll add them.

Check here:

Probably the easiest to do it if unsure is the following

On a Mac:

The installer for the Nik Collection 3.3 (the anniversary update) will take care of this for you. When prompted, just navigate to Affinity Photo in Applications. Select it and finish installation of the update.

…this just means that you’ve already bought version 3, it does not say that what you have on your drive is a current sub-release. I just downloaded Nik3 from my account again and found that it advertises to install version 3.3 (as seen in the mac installer)


  • The installer worked on my iMac running Big Sur on an external drive
  • The installer was unable to install plugIns for Affinity Photo (test license)

Best practice regarding sending info to DxO for support

  • Accept to send info during installation
  • Launch one of the apps and decline sending info in the apps’ settings.
    This will disable sending info in all apps with one click.

PS: I know this post is tagged “windows”.
I still posted here because I think the topic is not platform specific.