24h time display

Please can we have the option to display time in 24h format, rather than just 12h (AM/PM) format. This applies to places like the Metadata and Advanced History pallets.


On macOS, the time shown follows the system default.
So if you use 24h in macOS you will see 24h time in PL as well.
Switch to 12h in macOS and PL changes to 12 hour time display too.


Not the case on the latest Windows 10 64bit, so maybe it is a bug.

Does anyone use Windows 11 where the format follows the system setting?

For me, in Windows 10 and 11, PL displays the time in 24h format.

Whereas for me on Win 10, PL 7.5.0 displays times in 12 hr format, even though Win 10 and my camera, use 24 hr format.

Same here (12hr) for Win 11 23H2 although 24hr for system utilities.

I recently upgraded from Win10 (22h2) to Win11 (23h2).On W10 both were on 24 hour time. I set it up that way myself. On W11 they both reverted to 12 hour time, and on W11 I can’t find how to change it back.

What languages do all of you have PhotoLab set to? (not your OS)

In french for me.

I don’t know if it hapened with an update or if it was like that before, but it appears to be tied to the language used for PhotoLab.

English with A.M./P.M. and all other languages 24hr format.

Ah that’ll be for the Americans. They don’t speak proper English and, it appears they the can’t count beyond 12 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Pity that those of us who do speak proper English and can count beyond 12 are stuck with the limitations of our distant cousins over the pond.

And yet, with a Mac app, it is possible to very easily add another localisation for regional differences of English without even recompiling the executable. My app contains both US and UK English. I just duplicated the UK English resource and corrected the spelling mistakes.

I’m in Canada using US settings (and I speak pretty decent English). DxO PL7 as well as previous versions use a 24 hour clock.

This may have something to do with what format is used when the photos are imported into your catalogue. I use Photo Supreme to name and import photos then pass them to PL for processing. Everything is 24 hour clock.

Indeed – in PL5 and 6 date & time are shown as

but in PL7.5.0 Build 176 as
( I think I had ‘swapped’ to install PL7 in English )

I changed the language in PL and now I have the 12h (AM/PM) format for Win 10 and Win 11