20th anniversary emails keep coming

Am I the only one but I’m receiving several emails in french and german telling me that DxO is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. I have received appr 15 of them in the past hour.


Yes, it’s to be sure that we were the info …
Ok I’m aware :grinning:

Same with me … 10 emails so far in various languages

Im glad DXO marketing don’t run a brewery events. They have stopped

Well done DxO.
You’ve pissed off all your customers.

So far I have received 3 in English, 3 in French, and 3 in German. The English version makes a reference to the DxOMark website which has been a separate company since 2017.


I’ve not received any emails from DxO. I suppose I must have opted out of their marketing messages. Doesn’t sound like I’m missing anything by so doing.

same here. And 20% off when after the 30 days free period another two month later the PL8 will published…

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Same problem here. DxO please stop the flood.

This also raises a question about how the customer database is managed. Obviously, the same information is duplicated in various locations. This goes against a fundamental rule of database design : one information <= one single source.

By the way, it’s also not a very environment-friendly use of the Internet bandwidth.

Well, so far, I have only received one, in French. Am I missing out on something? :rofl:

I have also received 9 emails (3 for each product I bought) in English, French and German (like Mark). That means I can save 180 percent. Isn’t that nice of DxO?

Dear photographer friends,

Due to a now-solved technical routing incident during the launch of our campaign “20 years of DxO: 20% off on all our products for 20 days”, some of you received multiple emails yesterday. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and assure you that DxO strives to limit the sending of emails to the strictly necessary informational minimum for our subscribers.

We are deeply sorry for this incident. However, we hope you will fully enjoy this exceptional offer of 20% off on all our products for the next 20 days. We thank you for your understanding and loyalty.

Best regards,
The DxO Team


It happens.
Thanks for your message and happy birthday :birthday:

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