2.5 stops better high ISO performance

When can we ecpect 2.5 stops better high ISO performance in PL7 like it’s no advertized to be the case with PureRaw 3.7? Or is it only marketing?

I find DeepPRIME (non-XD) to already give me at least 2 stops better high ISO performance than “High Quality” or classic Lightroom denoise. It’s the best generic denoiser in the world that I safely can slap on every photo by default and not get artifacts.

I don’t use DeepPRIME-XD or other gimmicky AI denoisers that overdo it, such as Topaz and Lightroom AI denoise. While they sometimes can achieve amazing results, they all introduce weird artifacts and patterns on every other photo, ruining things like wallpapers in the background and textile patterns, especially on high iso photos. They also often end up with the photo looking plasticy and artificial.


Marketing already claim 7 enables “DeepPRIME delivers the equivalent of an extra two stops of ISO. With DeepPRIME XD, it can be 2.5 stops, sometimes even more.” I have never seen any tests that put these to real test, I know they improve the noise in my images but by that amount?

I have the same experience and that’s why I was wondering weather the claim of 2,5 stops with PureRaw 3.7’s marketing was just marketing. Nothing new then.

Seconding this opinion, DeepPRIME feels safe to apply to everything regardless of the ISO it was shot at - and it’s worked for me all the way up past ISO100,000 shots.

DeepPRIME-XD on the other hand introduced weird artifacts for me without enough benefit of noise reduction, so I stay away from it.

I’ve not tried Topaz recently but Lightroom’s AI denoiser seems slow as hell.

…takes about 3x of what I get with DeepPRIME, but produces images that are subtler than DPL’s comparatively rough appearance. Lr’s output files are bigger, but that’s maybe just the preview…