2.2 out and a let down again

2.2 Is out and I wonder when new features or improvements are coming. A few rather belated cameras and miner bug fixes! That I can see, cropping local adjustments and print unchanged let alone the items we have been told are in a backlog (true no definition as to how long that might be). Good that something released but its not, again, a major update more a bug fix and limited addition of cameras. When do we expect the real updates’ promised?


What happened to the performance? We all know DXO isn’t exactly fast, but this version is even slower!

On a 2017 27" iMac 24GB RAM, 2TB Fusion drive. This machine is fast.


I really am beginning to wonder where it going, not fast but very slowly some where. Sorting out the problems isn’t very high a priority, adding improvements looks dead putting out new versions that warrant a miner update not being called a point one. So far to my mind there isn’t anything that really added up to calling PL version 2 let alone updates to that!


That’s wierd.

On my Win 10 PC (16GB, quad Core i5 gen 4 - hardly new!, SSD and a generic bottom of the range graphics card) it now positively flies when loading images - CR2, jpg and tiff. Ditto with RAW adjustment general sliders. They are almost real time, including local adjustments


What a disappointment for all of us waiting for the long awaited new functionalities.

This is extremely disappointing. We were specifically told there would be upgraded/new functionality in THIS release. I’m starting to wonder if we’re going to get anything new before Photolab 3 at the end of the year. And based on what was new in Photolab 2 when it was first released, I’m not expecting much then either. I have been a very patient supporter of DXO with regard to Photolab, but frankly, I’m starting to lose patience. I would like to hear the explanation for yet another disappointing release from Svetlana or someone else.

So far the only plus is that it seems to be running noticeably faster on my Windows 10 machine, but since the previous version was acceptably fast, the increase in performance, although welcome, doesn’t make up for the lack of the promised upgraded and new functionality.



Just updated my (MAC) version of DPL 2.
I was wondering whether the new release was really as shabby as described. It is!

  1. User experience has not improved: what a shame, the gui is still slooooooow
  2. New cameras: why not

My recommendation to the labs: Focus on UX improvements!

Performance on my Windows 10 machine is quite good, but it wasn’t bad before. Mac users seem to be suffering though. But its frustrating that after all the conversations, the feedback from DXO, and the promises, that this release has zero new or upgraded functionality.

When version 2 with its paltry updates were released we were assured that a point upgrade before the end of 2018 would contain some real functional updates. When that upgrade had nothing in it we were then told there would be a number of additional point upgrades throughout the year with new and upgraded features, and that the first one towards the end of February would definitely have functional updates. Presumably, version 2.2 is that version and it contains nothing any more significant than in 2.1.

I would think they would, at the very least, have thrown in a single update to some existing feature to prevent the onslaught of negative comments they will be receiving for not following up on their promises. With each release they fall farther and farther behind the feature sets of some of their competition. And all we get is false assurances.

I was a software developer prior to my retirement so I understand the effort and
the issues development teams can face, especially if they’re understaffed. But
starting with PL 2, other than Clearview Plus, and a rudimentary search function, there have been no feature updates at all in the last three releases!! That gives me the impression that the development issues they are having are very significant and may not be easily overcome due to either their teams small size or the current skill sets of their developers. I hope I’m wrong.

It’s now been 15 months since the release of Photolab version 1. Consider how many meaningful changes have been made to the application since then. Perhaps their recent financial situation from last year is still heavily impacting them.


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This is why I’m not upgrading this time ; the now “old” 2.1.2 version is blazing fast, but we (Mac version) had to wait for almost two months before the huge speed problem of the previous version (and memory usage) was solved. I won’t be fooled this time!

I don’t see any point in paying for new versions when they come out after the last rip off. All the promises of things will get better have vanished into thin air and useless non updates.

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Here, 2.1.2 was slow too. Not necessarily while customising or processing, but most of all when I switch images (takes almost 3 seconds in DPL 2.2 build 27 while OpticsPro 11 takes less than 0.4 seconds)

Just played around in OpticsPro 10 - what a joy to see that, basically, they can do it.

I hope a decent company buys the DxO Prime NR module at the bankruptcy auction.

After the Black Friday ripoff, DxO will never get another dollar from me. But it’s not like they’ll be around long enough to release PL3…

Not to start a flame war here, but DXO are out of bankruptcy (or at least the French equivalent)

As a Software Engineer of 30 or so years, it’s no easy task to write software this complex.

But, please, if you could do better, go and do it.

I agree the latest version on a Mac is painfully slow, but they are (now) aware of it and hopefully a fix is on the way.

Let’s be more proactive and help DXO rather than putting them down. I do not want to be left with Lightroom as the only game in town. If that happens, I’ll start shooting in jpg and be done with it.


Why should I write my own? I’ve been doing this for decades too, but I’m not going to reinvent the wheel every time a company can’t hack it.

Fact is, DxO screwed over early adopters of PL2. It was only $25, and I’d have been fine with a credit towards a future purchase, but I can’t abide a company that treats paying customers like this. It’ll be a shame to lose PhotoLab, but the market has alternatives. It’s not my job to prop up a for-profit endeavor that can’t get their act together.

I was a software developer as well. The problem is they keep promising real functionality updates at every release and so far have failed to deliver. Since the release of Photolab 1 15 months ago the only functional updates have been the search features, update to Clearview, and changes to the local adjustments. That’s it for 15 months of development. Of course we don’t know all the pressures they are under, but one thing is certain, they are not providing us with any significant updates. I would consider moving on to some other software, but I really like using PhotoLab more than anything else out there, and I keep foolishly hoping that they will actually deliver what they’ve promised.


That is a comment of Fdeitos from DXO from December 18: “So yes, you’ll see in the next updates the embodiments of all those efforts, and I hope, the relief of finally be reassured that we’re hearing you.” I think it is really time for DXO to give all of us who have trustfully paid for PL2 a clear roadmap what to expext when before we have to pay again for PL3. Until now no reassurement at all. Why can’t you just say something like ok until May we will only provide bug fixes and new cameras and in June we will send out a set of the following features and that will be what we can give you until PL3. This would prevent a lot of disappointment when a bug fix release is pushed out.


Good morning,

Unfortunately, I do not take the final decision on what will be included or not in the release :disappointed: So the only person who can give you the comprehensive explanation is Fabrizio (@CaptainPO ). So, please, wait for his reply.

Svetlana G.

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It would be good to get something but as roeslewf points out above Fabrizio was one making the unkempt promises. There is a credibility problem developing now!

The lesson to be learnt here is to never talk about plans or announce something unless things have been decided and are indeed ready to launch…