15 Minutes to Export/Save as a JPEG with PL6?

I’m having a strange issue with the trial version of PL6. The program is great until I try to save a raw file as a JPEG. Yesterday, it took a solid 15 minutes to export an image. I was using deep prime, but my PC is very fast (32 gigs ram, custom built machine). During the export, I still have more than half my ram still available. There must be a setting I am missing.

Has anyone seen anything similar? Any settings advice greatly appreciated. I have PL4 and was planning to upgrade, but not if I cannot get to the bottom of this.

Thanks for any advice.

Custom built doesn’t necessarily say anything. What are the exact specs? Memory isn’t the most important. With DeepPrime your GPU is most important, in case you have a dedicated GPU.

If so, do you have the processing settings set to auto detect or dedicated GPU?


4.00 gigahertz Intel Core i7-4790K
256 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
8192 kilobyte tertiary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (4 total)
Hyper-threaded (8 total)

See here:

DeepPRIME* and DeepPRIME XD* hardware acceleration further information. – Help center (dxo.com)

Does my machine configuration suit for DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD ? – Help center (dxo.com)

I’m not sure what I’m missing?

Old CPU and an old mid range GPU. I can imagine the GPU not being fully supported. You can check that in the settings and force the use of the GPU. Otherwise I guess it’s tough luck…

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A custom-built machine using components from 2014 may well be overwhelmed with processing requirements of more ‘modern’ software…

You didn’t mention what kind of raw images you are trying to process.

I would check widows version 20HE and if the cpu support of sse 4.1

My PC was built in late 2016, but it seems that I forgot that computers age in dog years. It might be time to consider a new build and to do this one myself like I used to.

I’m processing raw files from a Canon R5 that really are not that large(C-RAW). For some off reason it would handle the huge files of the Fuji 100s better and they were 5 times larger.

Thanks for the replies.

Jonathon - Take a closer look at the very bottom of the page referred to in Greg’s post above.

Where it says; Follow those steps:

It’s worth a try …

John M

just reading this … while I don’t know about your cam and its formats, there are some (format) exceptions not handled by PL → maybe check for that

Your computer spec list didn’t include storage. If you’re not using an SSD for your OS drive, that could make a real difference.

The other thing is your GPU. I have an even older CPU (i7-3770K), but a slightly newer/better (GTX 950) GPU. My processing speeds for Nikon Z6 24 MP images (even with DeepPrime XD) are significantly faster than yours.

Please test with an uncompressed .cr3 file. Does that make a difference?

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I checked and Canon C-RAW files are supported and I have dual 1 TB SSD drives, one for my OS and one for storage.

I’ll try an uncompressed(.cr3) RAW file and report back.

It still sounds to me like PL is completely ignoring your GPU (because it deems it to be too old)

Have you tried the suggestion by Greg (above) ?? … It’s worth a try - tho, be prepared for your system to be unresponsive whilst PL dominates usage of your graphics resources.

John M


There is at least one tread discussing substantial performance gains when updating graphics card drivers to the last version. Have you tried to update your graphics card driver to the latest one?

Using DeepPrime or DeepPrimeXD?

XD requires more processing power. And I think your GPU is not supported, so your old 4000-series i7 is trying to do all the work.

Memory amount isn’t related to this (‘enough is enough’, and memory-amount is almost never the bottleneck in processing an algorithm).
Also, storage system in use has no (real) effect on how quick this export is, as long as you are not doing anything else during the export. SSD helps a lot with how snappy your system feels and responds, and helps with copying files. But reading a single raw file into memory and calculating on it, the storage system is not in play.

I saw that processing times can go up quickly if you are also clicking around in the UI, and DeepPrimeXD is trying to render the little preview window as well.

But if I’m pretty sure my system was not doing anything else, it took around 2 minutes. But that’s for a 12thgen 14-core CPU. Just looking at the core-count alone, I would expect your system to take at least 7 to 8 minutes (also of course depends on how big your image is).

A simple, low-end but modern GPU could shave that down to < 30 seconds. Just sayin’.

I have an i7- 6700 CPU with 24Gb RAM and the same NVIDIA GeForce 750 Ti graphics card as Jonathan.

Although the graphics card is flagged as only “partially supported” in the PL Preferences menu, once I’ve selected it - to force use of the GPU - it has always worked fine for me with both PL5 and PL6. While the PL6 DeepPRIME XD exports do take longer than the DeepPRIME ones, neither take anything like the 15 mins Jonathan is experiencing. My images are Nikon .NEF RAW files from D7000 and D7200 cameras.

So maybe Jonathan has to set the DeepPrime acceleration from Auto to the GPU.
For me not possible because on my 2012 Machine the graphic are an older AMD Radeon 5400 which is greyed out :grin:
But this I will do on my Swiss knife Mbair M1

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