10-bit color support please

Has been talked about for years now (and yes, I’ve voted in other earlier threads)… Still no 10-bit /30-bit support in DXO-PL5?

As far as I know, images are still displayed up to 8 bits per channel in PhotoLab. The previous feature request, which has received many votes and is still open, is here:

Thnxs. That’s what I thought. And I voted in that thread.
Too bad though. Tomorrow I’ll get my Eizo CG2700S.

The integrated calibration device is a blessing. :slight_smile:

I hope so. Then I’ll only use my i1 Display Pro for my 27” iMac….sitting next to my new Eizo. First have to find the proper way to connect those 2 screens and then the best way to use them together.

Since last weekend 2 monitors…iMac 27" and 27" Eizo CG2700S. Both support 30bit color…but, wait…DXO PL isn’ t (!). Bummer!
iMac is gorgeous…Eizo is gorgeous (and yes, that integrated calibration device is fantastic Wolfgang!)…come on DXO…support 30 bit please!

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I don’ t want to whine or anything like that, and I could have posted a new thread on this subject (which I will, if this is not read by anyone at all :wink: just because I’ m curious ). Surely there must be more users in the same situation as me? I mean…10/30bit colour support computer and monitor (in my case even 2 monitors), and 8bits per channel in used software (DXO PL). If this is you…what do you do? Maybe extra software next to/in conjunction with PL? Maybe nothing at all? Maybe you just don’ t care?
Really interested in workflow.
Thank you!

I’ve voted both here and on the other thread. As I said on that other thread, heck, even a rank amateur like me has an aRGB capable monitor.

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You’ re right stuck. I also voted…wherever possible. Thnxs.

So I thought I was out of Adobe rental software by purchasing DxO Lightroom, and it turns out I have to flip back to Lightroom or Photoshop in order to see the results onscreen on my 10 bit display.


It’s not clear what problem you are having and why you need to go back to Lightroom to see you editing results in PhotoLab. What was your intended workflow?


Hi Mark,

It has nothing to do with my workflow as I work in 32 bit.

This whole thread is about how Photolab displays images and whether it is capable of sending an image with 10 bits per channel, which just about any modern monitor supports.

Both I and my customers are used to seeing images with smooth graduation and no posterization in the image, as we all use 10 bpc display hardware.

I’ve taken a step backwards as with Photolab I can only see 8bpc color onscreen and so I now need to load the image in Photoshop to see what the customer sees.

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