1:1 Default to Control Point

I’m relatively new to the Nik Collection and I was wondering if there is a way to change where the 1:1 zoom rectangle locates itself? Right now it always starts in the middle of the project.
I would like for it to land on the control point I’m working with. I would also like for the box to go back to it’s last location, rather than back to center.

Am I missing a preference setting?

Thank you - Jeff

I don’t think the feature you are asking about is available in Silver Efex Pro 3.


Nik is a collection of applications, there is no central configuration. I had quick look of the structured text files that store some of the Nik modules configuration and I cannot see parameters related to the user interface (but the language). For example Silver Efex 4 stores RecentlyUsed_Styles et Lastedit but nothing about the interface. Photolab tracks the size, position and visibility of the Palettes but I cannot see anything related to what you are looking for. Under Windows DxO users configuration file are by default located in C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Local\DxO (AppData is a hidden directory). **Editing configuration files can be harmful for your DxO apps.**