Wrong use of parameters on Control points in details extractor

The use of of control points enable the artist to emphasize the emotion. I needed to have to bunches of control points. The first aims at the foreground person, and the other groups should act on a background object. So, I thought I could tune the background control points on their own without having any effect on the foreground group. I was quite disappointed on the result. Previously, I had gathered them in two groups. I selected the background group and as I use the “Effet Rayon” selector, the other group seemed to be affected too.

Hi Herve,
I think, the described scenario with different shapes and colours is better (easier) to handle with a painted mask instead of trying to achieve this with Nik’s control points …

While that doesn’t help you – have you seen some webinars about how to use control points and how to refine their selection?

  • In CEP4 one could use negative control points and check the selection in mask view.
  • In CEP5 the mask view changed and you have Luminosity and Chrominance at hand to get along.


Now I just saw this → detail extractor crash. If it’s the same ‘problem’, why don’t you work on your pic in PL, where you have different masking possibilities, while in Nik you only have control points?

If you need some ‘help’ about PL5, I suggest to post your original (preferable the raw-file), while with Nik I’m still on CEP4.

I use control points in Nik because it is more powerful than in PL. My trouble happens with colorize. I defined a group of control points as I did with the previous version and then I choose the color with a big choice and precision; Unfortunately, it is the whole picture which is colorised and not only the selected zone. So I think something does not work.

Hi Herve,
as said, the handling of the so-called ‘negative controlpoints’ changed in CEP5. To adjust (restrict) your selection you now have the Luminance and Chrominance sliders – while in PL you also see the restriction caused by ‘negative controlpoints’ (mask view), which then can be refined further … But PL doesn’t provide those plenty colourize options like CEP.

see → Nik 5 - what is new? - #59 by Wolfgang (using layers) for to separate fore- and background effectively & effortless, for final doge & burn …

We are in Nik not PL. In other modules, a parameter acts ont the control point area. In Colorize module, it does not. So it is a bug.

then ask the support …

Problème corrigé dans la dernière version. Merci, on peut travailler les ciels indépendamment du reste.