Wow- Have i missed something?


Well, I tried to compare the new Clearview effect with the old one on the same file and I cannot see any difference. Absolutely identical adjustments and so absolutely identical results. Have I missed something too for my 70€?


Actually I have the feeling that Clear View Plus does not alter the color grading that much compared to the “old” version. Often in the past the image drifted into blue by appling clear view imo. But I am not sure exactly, just a feeling…


I can only partially understand all the negative feelings here since I think it was quite clear what the update would incorporate. Every new main feature (or at least those to come…) was described on the homepage. Therefore I can’t understand why anyone would spend 70 € or so for an updated version (despite supporting DxO out of generous reasons) although it is not clear whether all the desired changes/bugs were changed or fixed in the end. Why not stay with the last version or at least try PL 2.0 for free for 30 days and then decide in the first place? I don’t get it…
But I have to admit that the upgrade offer (49.99 € instead of 69.99, I think…) was not very well phrased since I also thought the DxO guys do refer to the Elite edition rather than the essential one and I was quite annoyed when I found out that the Elite price was higher.

But hey… hopefully, DxO will deliver in the near future and the list of features will grow, bugs will get erased. For this hope I have paid 70 € for now, but it will also be the last DxO money I spent if no real progress is made in the development of the software.

By the way… I have spend 251 € for Capture One 10 in mid 2017, only to find out three months later that there is version 11 with an update price of 119 €. I was quite p***** off…:exploding_head:

(Peter Looper) #44

Too little, too expensive! Improving and standardising the Control Points and integrating the DxO Collection into V2 would have made me jump for the upgrade, but nothing here has been of interest to me. My hope of a ‘new’ Capture NX2 with DxO technology is gone, I don’t think they know just what they could have had and they are following a different path to where I want them to be and charging too much for it, especially for the Elite version that I use. What they have provided is V1.3, not V2. Perhaps DxO should see what a bonus Luminar users will be getting this year, a major update, with DAM, for free! Yes FREE.

Soon we’ll be getting to the stupid state of other products where new users get the best deals and loyal users end up paying through the nose. With broadband, insurance, phones and gas/electric you can switch to other resellers but you can’t do that with software if it’s your preferred product. Mark my words, the day is approaching where companies like DxO will offer huge discounts to new customers to get them on board and leave loyal users with paltry ‘limited time offers’ to milk them again and again. And to ask so much for so little is just an insult to our loyalty. Disappointed.


Maybe, but so it seems to be a correction, not a new modification…


I have been reading all these comments about the update to V2 and am in agreement that it seems rather expensive for what you get.

I did receive an email with a great offer for Luminar, a very good offer in fact. I was temped and tried it out. I found a lot of features didn’t work or were missing. You can not export to an application, saving files causes color issues because there is no color management and so on and so on. I took a look at their community message board to see if these issues are being resolved. WOW!

The users of Luminar for Windows are very angry that bugs were not fixed after promised, MAC parity is very behind and Skylum has spent a lot of time developing a DAM that no one wants. The anger is that the DAM has taken away time from bug fixes and MAC parity.

Skylum will now provide upgrades to the 2018 version through the later part of 2019 as compensation. That still isn’t good enough for the Win Luminar users who have decided to abandon Luminar.

This situation appears to be here with Dxo also but to a lesser extent. I mention this on this thread just so everyone realizes that the DAM insertion at other vendors is also causing issues with current users. Seems to be common complaint in the industry and users.

My 2 cents, leave the DAM out and concentrate on the core product of raw development. Create image enhancement features, add on plugins etc. I like Dxo products for their intended purposes which they do very well.

(Patrice Dubus) #47

Thank you Wiesiek for raising this point.
I purchased Dxo Optics Pro thanks to its excellent Prime noise reduction.
As a former happy user of Capture NX2, the promised integration of U Points was a dream feature, so I was glad to upgrade to PL1.2.
i will be happy to upgrade to PL2 if it offered closer mask management (U point groups,…) to what Capture NX2 achieved nearly 10 years ago.
As for DAM, an old version of ACDSee already meets all my needs, so I can’t use it as a justification for an upgrade.
I do hope DXO will continue to build on its two major, and, as far as I know, unrivalled assets which are Prime noise reduction and U-Points/Nik Software.
DxO, You still have the opportunity to build a unique tool, which can be used to get the best results of demanding pictures, leaving household management to other well established software. I’ll then upgrade immediately
Best wishes

(Wiesiek Pawłowski) #48

Hi Patrice!

Thanks a lot for your “vote”! I couldn’t agree more with what you have written :wink: Actually my history with DXO seems virtually identical.

Let’s hope DXO would listen…

Best wishes,


Well, I had hoped for some type of response from management about all the comments in numerous forums about the direction of the program/programs. I for one, invested all in with DXO 10 month ago during dark and quiet times. I purchased all the programs DXO offered. With high hopes!!! Still a great program but my hopes are not so bright these days… Not much has changed since then, maybe a little more financial light, but certainly still as tight lipped as ever about the future plans for their software.

I really didn’t understand the lack of communication and frankly I don’t like it not one bit,
DXO we have spoken, now it’s your turn ??


(Mark) #50

Actually Svetlana did reply in a different thread. She implied that the point updates for version 2 will contain updates to current functionality and potentially new features. When I asked if PL 2.1 might be available before the end of the year she implied it would. As I’ve said before I believe they pushed version 2.0 out now to take advantage of holiday sales to new customers, and I’m guessing and hoping a number of updates were not fully tested yet. I’ll wait for PL 2.1 to be released before I pass judgement.



mwsilver, thanks for pointing that out, however, a bit more detailed information is what I’m talking about.
“implied” and “might” are not confident builders


(Mark) #52

Agree. I too was very disappointed by the lack of new functionality and improvements to existing functionality in the 2.0 release. But, if Svetlana is correct we’re talking about less than two months until the next point release. I’m not surprised she wasn’t able to commit to anything specific. As a retired software developer I understand the risks of making promises on an open forum. I am hoping that Photolab 2.1 will set things back on track. If it does not, I will have to review my options at that time.



Unfortunately, the $69 (US) upgrade offer for the Elite version will expire on November 18, 2018. So, if I wait until the next point release it will cost $89 (US) to upgrade. Some details about what to expect from future PL2 point releases would be appreciated.


(Mark) #54

I love PhotoLab Elite and I’m in it for the long haul so upgrading to PL2.0 was a no brainer for me, especially if helps keep them in business after their difficult year. But we all need to make personal decisions on how we spend our money. I understand your concern about spending the money now and being disappointed when PhotoLab 2.1 arrives. I also understand your concern about a having to spend an additional $20 for the upgrade later. One solution might be for DXO to extend the time period for the $69 upgrade until the end of the year, Other than that you’ll have to go with your intuition.



In the past there was more than one opportunity to get a discounted price during a version’s life cycle. I think the release discount will not be the only one, except they have changed their selling strategy.


I went for this upgrade of many reasons.

Yes it’s a bit thin but I really love the raw processing part of PhotoLab and want to see DxO keep developing it.

I see this update as a beginning of a continuous development path which will add features and grow for each upcoming dot release.

I also do not want to live in an Adobe dominated world and I do not like all those colourful over the top slider editors which create fake skies and such intense colour you experience an acid trip.

I’m happy with PL even though I understand they want to do some DAM, I use PhotoSupreme for that and PL and PSu work pretty well together.

Keep the great updates coming!

(Jerry R Downing) #57

Hello Patrice: As also being a big fan of Capture NX2 U Points I totally agree if they included the feature sets in DXO Photolab or NIK suite they would have one powerful image software set. I was a Beta tester for Nikon Capture NX2 and did a lot of input to them when NIK was developing the software for Nikon. I suggested this in Sept and sent DXO a sample of how the tools worked. Below is the link of some of the tools I sugggested that are in Capture NX2. Now that I have used DXO Photolab 2 some I’m really disappointed in the very few changes or improvements for the money spent but would like to see them develop the software with more U point tools. I still use Capture NX2 in my post processing after DXO Photolab by converting to 16 bit TIF files. Jerry

(Colin S Pearson) #58

I’ll say thank you Jerry (mootsrider) for offering your ‘nudges’ to DxO PhotoLab, based on your informed insights into how the U-Point technology was used in Capture NX2.

It would be a huge enhancement to PhotoLab 2 if the existing NIK / U-Point technology could be adapted further so that it more closely matched the functionality and User-experience that we still enjoy with these tools in Capture NX2 (for DxO exported TIFFs for example).

I still prefer and I continue to use the U-point tools in my Capture NX2 for the final edits of almost all of my more ‘successful’ images (those which I’ll be printing or passing on to others.)

Colin P.

(John Barrett) #59

That is a much better set of tools than those we have in PL!

(Peter) #60

Is this normal? this silence on the staff side after a release?
Is this a classic case of “sitting still wile shaved?”
Or are they reading and consuming post’s wile having teammeatings to get as fast as possible v2.1 in the release?
I find it surprising that there are nearly no responses on questions