Would you show me your PhotoLab workspace?

Hi Steven - - I use a fully customised work-space layout;

  1. Here’s my usual starting point (that I can recall at any time, just by re-selecting my custom layout).

  2. I have lesser used palettes hidden on the left, that I can pull out as needed.

Regards, John M

Thanks John!


I need some real data about our users’ workspaces to actually visualize how you use the PL’s tools/palettes. The data collected will then help us envisioning possible areas of improvements. I can’t say “if & when”, but workspaces and the main app layout intrigues me a lot :wink:

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Could I please reinforce, as much as you might be intrigued by this, that either you, or someone else, gets intrigued by fixing some of the long-standing bugs that plague the UX (user experience) of PhotoLab? Or, at least, acknowledge they exist in reply to reports in these forums - the silence is deafening :pleading_face:

Hi Joanna,

Basically everything on this forum is known. It’s not because you don’t “heard” from us that we’re not aware of the issue/request/bug. We don’t always have the time to reply here, that’s it. :scream:


However, I guess you have a bug tracking system for your own internal use. It should be easy to make public the part interesting the users, that is, which bugs have been identified and recognized and their current status. This would be enough.


I couldn’t agree more. I have worked as a beta tester with several companies and, at least at the beta test level, this should be possible, if not at the public level.

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Hi Steven,

Here is mine.



I use PhotoLab on a MacBook Pro 15" (1680x1050) or with an external screen (1920x1080).

Dual screen:

Hi @geno & @olivier,

I see that you have some duplications in your palettes; mainly from “DxO Filmpack” … eg. Contrast, Color Rendering, etc

I know it’s not a big deal, but I find it can sometimes be confusing when there’s more than one way to select/implement a correction.

You’ve probably found that you cannot delete these duplicates from the “DxO Filmpack” palette - as it’s a standard DxO palette - but, if you create your own custom palette (named, say, “My Filmpack”) then you can add to it only the options you need/want from the “DxO Filmpack” palette, and leave out the duplicates.

Regards, John M

Thanks @John-M!
I have just the trial version of the Filmpack and I am not sure if I am going to buy it.
But I will have a closer look at making my own pallets!


Yes, this is actually a good workaround :relaxed:

Thank you Olivier :wink:


Thanks !!!


Interesting topic !
Thank you for sharing.
I am still sticking with the standard DxO workspace but will definitely do some customizations in the future.


Where is your image browser ?

I toggle it using F12.

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All collapsed (but the histogram). This is how I start editing, the default setting of my workspace.

All expanded:


I did note that: some functions were duplicated.

In fact, I use FilmPack functions a lot, but rarely in its own palette (I rather use those which are duplicated :slight_smile:). That’s why I placed it at the bottom.

I admit that I did not have time to look more than that at customizing the palettes. I just reorganized the default ones in an order that corresponds to my workflow: preset, horizon and cropping, then colors, contrasts, etc., local adjustments if necessary and finally the details (noise reduction and sharpness). I go to the ViewPoint and FilmPack palettes for specific images.

You’re right, I should take a look at customizing the palettes. This would reduce the number of items in the dock and allow me to optimize my workflow with less scrolling.

Thanks, @John-M


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Here’s mine.

  • Jon