Why is PL2 so slow?

Tom, I have a 5k 27-inch iMac, and Exposure X4 is very snappy on my machine.

sadly, DxO PL2 is slower and slower.

Try timelapse with 1000+ images and copy “correction setting”. Even on super fast NVMe SSD where is not unusual 1GB/s with at least 50k IOPS…it takes hours just to load setting and 1/3 fails to apply setting anyway.

I have complained about it but they told me it needs to load setting for some weird reason. Before PL fancy crap, it was almost instant. I wonder what takes so long to apply simple settings and export XML based sidecards.

Processing speed is not bad. With DxO Film and various corrections, it takes same time to process 50+ MPx image as used to take same amount of time for 20MPx little camera systems.

Sadly, every new version is cluttered with useless crap.


my Apple used to be fast as well until I bought a new camera with 50+ MPx…bloody slow and it takes ages even on latest HW.

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Since starting this thread I have replaced my system with a,
Mac mini (2018) 3.2 GHz Intel Core i7 64 GB Radeon Pro 580 8 GB
DXO is much faster.
Previews now take a bout a second to resolve, effects of sliders are more or less in real time.
However, scrolling through edited images (with noise reduction) causes the fans to rev up.
Make your own conclusions.

I hope they fix that speed issue with PL3

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You speak about culling RAW + JPEG pairs with FRV? FRV hides the JPEGs by default and I wasn’t able to switch to the JPEGs in grid view. I only was able to switch to the JPEG in single view and it reverted to the RAW immediately, when I switched to the next picture.

So I wonder how you are culling the JPEGs in FRV. But maybe I missed something in the FRV interface.

To answer my own question: I found the “Default image to display” option in the preferences panel of FRV. When I set it to “External JPEG”, I get the JPEG in single image view.

Unfortunately I still see dowsized versions of the RAW in grid view, which is IMO inconsistent. I’d prefer to see the chosen default format in both the single image view and the grid view.

I’ll head over to the FRV forum and make a feature request.