Where are the lens modules stored and why do I have download them multiple times?

This is why users are intented for.
Having several users …

I agree this way of working.

Are lens profile so heavy ?
I checked my user folders : most modules are about 250ko only one is 4Mo.
I only have one camera and six lens, but 10 lens profile installed in photolab; and this is only 5,77 Mo.

Twenty time would be about 100, 120 Mo.

Is it to much for your drive ?

Not really, it’s a waste of resources anyway.
Zoom lenses can get quite heavy, I think the 10Mo is a module for Fuji hardware.

Good idea :wink:
And still no feedback from the DxO staff :frowning:

That makes sense. Didn’t thought about it. I don’t use zooms.

Yes, I’ve often seen zoom lens profiles at 10MB or more. I’m not positive but I think I have one that was 19MB.