What are the most important improvements for v5?

What’s the benefit then, Mark, of passing DNGs to Affinity - instead of 16-bit TIFFs ?


There is no difference that I know of John, they both work equally well, but that wasn’t the point. When I responded to Joan, I sensed(perhaps incorrectly) that she was requesting HDR and PANO merge in PL5 because she didn’t want to use her RAW files in AP(or another application) and then have to export a TIFF to PL for further processing, obviating PL’s exceptional RAW processing capabilities. I was merely pointing out that she could perform PL’s RAW processing(NR and Optical corrections) first then use the unique DNG “with NR and optical corrections only” to export to AP for the merge. 16-bit TIFF AFAIK will work equally well.


Here’s mine in no particular order …

  1. Harmonise the Mac & Windows interfaces so they both work the same way.
  2. Fix the histogram & curves tools such that the blue on grey representation of the blue channel is actually visible. Its really difficult to do a manual adjustment of the blue channel because the contrast between blue and grey is so poor. Its really hard to see the handle for adjusting the blue channel in the curves tool for example.
  3. On Mac the color picker is disabled until one clicks on a color - on windows it isn’t.
  4. Add customisable Keyboard shortcuts with a default set from a popular application (Lightroom)
  5. improve performance
  6. Add an option to turn off noise reduction preview - it slows the interface on a low powered machine.
  7. Add Apple M1 support.
  8. Auto white balance
  9. Add a levels tool

Thanks for your feedback!


I agree, an improved Histogram would be great. Due to poor contrast it is very hard to read and therefore to work with. Would welcome a bigger (higher resolution) one too. Basically same goes for the Curves panel but to a lesser extent.

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On Mac, if you don’t mind tinkering with the app bundle and want the larger PL3 histogram, you can copy the PL3 histogram palette to PL4 :nerd_face:

Thanks for the tip, but I prefer not to. I suspect it’ll break with every update?

Undoubtedly. Let’s just hope the next update fixes it permanently :wink:

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Forgot to specify these:

  1. Luminosity blending of local adjustments. I’d find this invaluable for landscape photography. Both Lightroom and Capture one offer this.
  2. The ability to specify the the noise reduction type on the export dialogue, or at least confirmation there of what NR option is selected.
  3. the double click to zoom to cursor is slowed down in PL, whereas the 1:1 and zoom to fit buttons are not. IMV it would be better to offer double click to zoom to be as fast as possible. I often click around an image to check sharpness and the double click to zoom to the point selected by the cursor is unnecesarily slow…
  4. The Lightroom plugin to export to PL would be better if it could be done with a single keypress …
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Thanks for that tip, Jeff - I was not aware of that feature :+1: … and it’s instantaneous on my Win10 system.


My wish list, not necessarily everything for V5.

  1. Improve Local adjustments
    a) Mask visibility,
    b) control point display (less obstructing for many control points in a set)
    c) equalizer positioning more freely or docked in the UI
    d) HSL wheel
  2. More controls for JPEG editing (like better WB as mentioned before by somebody)
  3. Much better filtering options: files already edited, color labels, easier handling
  4. Write as much information to the DOP file as possible (not only to the database)
  5. Keywords to the DOP/XMP, not into the database
  6. Filter XMP information on export (delete everything that has to do with coordinates): Face regions, IPTC:PersonInImage
  7. Improve curve tool and histogram (like mentioned by others many times)
  8. (Edit) Include NIK ColorEfex into Photolab (as a separate module), non-destructive, with the possibility to use presets

Apologies, should have said on MacOS. On my win 10 system its fast also.

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75% view is often used but my relatively small 4:3 monitor forces me always to first click on a small white triangle in the right upper corner which opens then a 100%, 75% a.s.f. - table.

What about a shortcut F7 (unused yet) which simply leads to 75% view - such as it is already with F4 = 100%.

Should be easy to implement.


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The most important features for me would be :

  • Renaming exported files (not everyone wants to rename raw files, especially people like me who uses different softwares)
  • Way more selective highlights / shadows sliders. C1 and even LR allow me to do way more than PL in this area. Sometimes, I have to use U point or others masks to adjust exposures of different parts of the picture, whereas I don’t need to do that in other softwares. The 2 sliders take with them too much of the picture.
  • Allowing the use of the sliders with the mouse without even clicking on it, like C1 does. Just by moving the cursor on the slider. It makes the adjustments a few seconds faster for every picture. Even better, you could be inspired by what Phase One has done for the last C1 version : a shortkey for every slider, which removes completely the need for the mouse for global adjustments. Press the shortcut --> use the scroll wheel.
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I would like to see the erase and clone tools enhanced. Luminar 4, for instance, has and AI erase and clone tool which is simple to use, very powerful, and does a great job. Saves steps many steps. When I get to the point that I want to remove an object from an image I have been moving the image to Luminar 4 and then exporting it back to dxo as a TIF file. I might do the same thing when I enhance a portrait, but not always.


That would certainly be welcome.

I would like:

  1. Support for Mac M1.
  2. Keywords and other IPTC data such as Title, and Description written to xmp files.
  3. The ability to turn off the Database if we don’t want to use it.
  4. The ability to GeoTag photos.
  5. On the Mac, the ability to change a file name by clicking on the title of the file below the photo as can be done on Windows rather than using a key combination to bring up the change file name text box.
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Hi John
Sorry I missed this post earlier - I might be being a bit dim, but how do I do this please? Images addition order is the closest I can get, but that is not reliable. I think you must know a better way?
I look forward to a solution even if it is not perfect :+1:

I’m jealous when I see Lightroom’s color grading tool: essentially three HSL wheels, one for each shadow, mid tones and highlights.

Luminosity masks for local adjustments (in addition to the existing mask types) together with HSL tool for local adjustments could fit the same purpose and the masks would be applicable for even more use cases.


I’d like to have the ability to change the default hotkeys.