Viewing Two Images Side-by Side

Still unable two open two images and view them side by side. I want to be able to open two images of the same subject shot by two different lenses to be able to compare the two lenses for sharpness, etc. It is possible to do that in Lightroom and have not been able to do that on PhotoLab 2. I know you can quickly open one image and then another but that is not the same as viewing them side by dide.

Can you confirm that this is still true in the coming PL2. Or are you referring to PL1.2?

If you got here via DxO optics, you can run both DxO 11 and PL 1.2 concurrently and have one open in each

That’s not really an answer to the original question. A kludgy workaround is not a solution and only works for a selected number of users.

As far as I can tell it is not an available option in the current version of Photolab and I would be surprised to find it in version 2.

It is not an available option in Beta Version of PhotoLab 2.

As I said, I’m not surprised. I think its probably pretty low down even on the list of future enhancements .


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