Viewing images on HD TV


First I apologise for posting a question that has nothing to do with Photolab but I hope that some DxO users will have already found a method to solve my question.

I am looking for recommendations of how to view digital images on a HD TV. It sounds simple but there a few more criteria. The main one is that I want the option to view images to be simple and to emulate a traditional slide projector (without the jams, popping etc).

I would like the ability to move backwards and forwards through the images which rules out any video format options.

I have a Panasonic TV which does have a slideshow function but it has a terrible interface so I am looking for a better solution provided by an external device that plugs into the TV and either reads images from a memory stick or receives the images from the local network. I use Apple computers and am happy to create slideshows in Keynote or similar. I would like to avoid having to save my images to an external server if possible.

The ability to access images stored on my Apple computer remotely would be a bonus. This suggests I should look at an Apple TV HD but I have no idea if it allows remote access to a computer.

Any thoughts ?


Viewers have this kind of functionality, but you need to connect a computer to your TV.
I use XnView which can do everything.


Hi Pascal,

Yes they can but I want to avoid having to connect my computer directly to my TV. I’m looking for a solution that my wife can use so that we do not end up with shelves full of photo albums.

I have just discovered that my DVD player can display images on a USB stick but I can not workout how to control the slide order - its not obvious :frowning:


I cast from my phone sometimes which works really well as long as you can live with black bars sometimes. I use an Android app called Gallery which is open source and is really good.

Hello Simon,
I have an Apple TV3 and it does what you want.


Since you are specifically asking about a Mac computer, the best solution is to import your photos into the Photos app by linking to the files and not by importing them into the library.

Then you can enable Home Sharing on your Mac and point an Apple TV to that shared library.

Joanna, re Photos App could you please explain the reason why one might go for linking images rather than import. It seems to me that it might mean that Photos can be used without getting tied up in that rather complex file structure.

It not necessary actually to go via Photos. I just point Apple TV to the folder with the files I want to see on the TV

Interesting. I’m having difficulty finding how to do that. Can you do a mini tutorial?

Hello Joanna,
see here: View photos from your Mac on Apple TV - Apple Support

  • I have created a top folder called “Apple TV fotos” and subfolders beneath it
  • I usually exported 16 bit tiffs from DXO but that is not necessary for Apple TV hence I exported in the folders created above good quality jpgs.
  • Make sure you tick all the boxes of the folders you want to see on the TV.


PS: and now I have too look up on how to do it via Photos - just out of curiosity.

Hi, Simon. I have one of the earlier Apple TV HD models, and I use an app called FileBrowserTV to do this. It’s available from the Apple TV App Store and once installed and set up connects to my Mac mini over the wi-fi network and can then access any folder on the Mac or attached hard drives. It has a nice slideshow function that can use the Apple TV’s slideshow transitions and can have accompanying audio. With this app, there’s no need to export to Apple Photos since you can navigate the Mac’s hard drive and pick any folder that already has images in it.

There’s no manual sorting with this app – though you can sort by name or date, ascending or descending. Other than that it might meet your needs.