Version 3.3.2 build 58 of PhotoLab 3 is causing hangings

I upgraded to version 3.3.2 build 58 today and I am having problems that make the application unusable.
As an example, when I have added a local adjustment and after that selects Compare to be able to see the difference, the application hangs.
Or if I try to resize the Customize window, the application hangs, but not always the first time.
Maybe there are other things causing hangings, I do not know.
Is anybody else having the same problem?

I think the latest is built 59?
You might want to go back in your account on dxo website and download it again.

the last version I have on Mac is built 59

I have installed build 59 and have the same problem with that one.
The OS I have is High Sierra 10.13.6 on an iMac 5K 2017 with 16 GB RAM.
It seems that I am the only one that have this problem.
I went from PL3 3.3.1 working perfectly to PL3 3.3.2 build 58 and this problem occurred.
I do not have this problem with PL2, latest version.
I have written a support ticket about this problem.

I have the same issue here, processing 2-3 images goes fine then when I load the 4th one it hang and have to force quit, software not responding.
3.3.1 built 57 was working fine.

Ah, I am not alone!
Do you also have High Sierra 10.13.6?
I have the fault also on another Mac with PL3 3.3.2 bild 59, a MacBook Air with High Sierra 10.13.6.

yes, just tried again and same issue this morning, going to re-install 3.3.1 built 57 until a next update. i think the only thing that was implemented in last update was reference pop up info of images.

That’s interesting. I wonder if you and I are the only ones with this problem.
Please DxO, give us some information about this, are you investigating this fatal error?

64GB here, but rest the same and don’t have the described problems. Only thing and lag annoying me is the repair tool. But this is already known and would be nice to improve. Using built 59. But also before the same with built 58.

Do you have Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6?

Today I reported the same issue with local editing. When trying to compare before after Photolab hangs and the beach ball turns. MacBook Pro High Sierra 2,6 GHz 16 GB, built 59.

Ah no sorry. I am on latest Mojave, 10.14.6.

Built 58 and built 59 seem to have or create the same issue on mac high sierra. Re-installing built 57 work fine without the hang, force quit and restart, though it seem the work was saved in the .xmp file as they all load up when the image is brought back to the software (maybe without the last adjustment as I haven’t double check that).

I’m on High Sierra 10.13.6 and am seeing the same issue with build 59.

We are aware of this issue and are currently working to fix it. This seems to happen only with High Sierra, and it is linked to something else that we had to fix regarding the rendering of images in the Compare.

Of course, if you can, I would advise you to upgrade to Mojave, as it should contain many fixes and improvements, especially for graphics drivers. In any case, we’ll release a version fixing this as soon as possible.

Thanks for the info!

The version released last week should fix those issues. Hope it works nicely now!

Yes, it works nicely in version 3.3.2 build 60.

Thanks for the update, seem that issue is gone.