V2.0 expectaions

Since version 3 I’ve considered DXO update day to be the most important date in the calendar after Christmas Day. I’m used to parting with the cash without even looking in the knowledge that something great is about to happen.
Sadly my EOS M50 which I use as a light carry out hasn’t been supported as would have been expected in a major upgrade
Also I can’t search for folders any more. This is far more important to me than finding all the images I’ve taken at ISO 320 or f2.8. That’s not really of any use to me. All my folders are named according to the shoot so finding them after downloading using wifi is now a manual job.
Why can’t the search facility recognise folder names like the previous version
Clearview plus is an improvement on the first edition.
Any answers please???

Hello @bobmurden,

First about your camera, please read this post Support for Canon CR3-RAW and CR3-To-DNG there is an explanation why it’s a little bit delayed.

  • Yep, that’s true - Folder name search in its old way was removed. The new mechanism of Folder name search will be delivered with the next version PL 2.1.

Please, wait a bit and sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Its nice to read that there is already a planned PL 2.1 release in the works. While I know you can’t be specific on the release date, is there a general plan to try to release it around the end of the year?

I assume the rush to release PL 2.0 with limited functional updates was more of a reaction to the financial situation and the need to try to increase the user base rather than just to meet the expectations of existing users. That’'s fine by me if it helps stabilize the company and there is a roadmap to update functionality periodically throughout the year.



  • Yes, should be before the end of the year, maybe like a Christmas gift :evergreen_tree: or other date this year :slight_smile:

Svetlana G.

Thanks Svetlana

Thank you Svetlana for your input regarding this.
I will look forward to the updates.
Somebody also mentioned about the legacy Smart lighting from Optics pro 7 and Optics pro 9
It would be great to get these back as they had some features that benefitted certain images
Smart lighting is a very deep subject and any number of algorithms to try is better than one.

You are welcome, guys.

About the legacy Smart lighting, well there were long discussions about it here on the Forum and there are explanations there why it’s a problem to return it. You can read and add your reasons there.

Svetlana G.

When i am reading all comments about the new v2.0, i can’t deny the fact that it’s very unclear what this year wil bring for the upgrade money. (And it’s clear most of the users find the present package of the upgrade too thin for the money.)
If DxO provides a roadmap of the near future what will be implemented the next 6 months maybe i will support this by upgrading now. But i can’t justify at this moment 69,-euro’s for present changes.
So i wait until things becomes more clear.
I am not negative and i know DxO will implement some backlogged issues/features as the time is ready.